Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Preparing for the Summer

Gonna be gone all summer to Austria for a festival gig.  A handful of friends will be among my colleagues there.  But I have to say, I'm feeling some anxiety as the departure approaches.

Thing is, I've got a concert coming up before I leave for Europe.  The concert has nothing to do with it; the immediacy of my departure after the concert is what's bothering me.  It kinda makes me uncomfortable to have to rush to the airport right after the concert is over.  I would've preferred to have had a little more time to relax before such a long trip, as well as my departure from home for the whole summer.  Anxiety begins bubbling up, making me a little edgy about leaving home for so long.  I like traveling and seeing new places.  But I REALLY enjoy being a home body, too!!  I guess that's the thing.  I just wanna enjoy my summer at home.

I know, I'll be GORGEOUS on Lake Constance in Austria.  Aida is the show for the summer and I AM looking forward to my first big European production.  I guess it just seems like time is rolling by a little too fast and I don't wanna lose any of it before I leave.  Don't get me wrong; I'm MORE than appreciative for the opportunities I'm being given.  Just need to get used to this; still not totally comfortable with it all.  But this is just me complaining and whining.