Monday, February 2, 2009

Here goes...

Aloha to you all!

Quinn here.  This is the beginning of what I hope will be a wonderful tool for you the readers to check in with my goings-on, leave comments, ask questions, share stories, and otherwise keep up with me on my travels and singing in the big wide world.  Colleagues of mine have done this in the past or ARE continuing to do it on a semi regular basis.  I just figure it's easier for folks to navigate to this site instead of me trying to remember every email address I need to include, and then worry that I may miss someone in the mix.

So I welcome you all to follow along.  Share this blog site with your friends or anyone who would benefit from reading the subsequent entries.  I plan to jump back in time to start where I left off from the "updates" I'd sent out on email before.  Catch everybody up-to-date and then go from there.

Thank you all for your support of me and my endeavors.  A lot of my work I do for all those who've believed in me and/or helped me along the way.  I never could have imagined that I would reach this level in my career so quickly!  And forgive me for singling some of you out from time to time.  But I feel it's important to give recognition where it is due to those whom I am in debt for making my career possible.  I promise not to embarrass you.  I give MUCH thanks to a number of people who have seen me through my education, my development in classical music/opera, and my overall growth as a human being.

Me ke aloha pumehana...


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